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Centerwood was created by Susan Powell, OTR, TEP, Trainer, Educator, Practitioner in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy, as is a place of healing from the heart and is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Centerwood allows the opportunity to explore, unveil, and reclaim the true wholeness of your authentic self. A variety of workshops and training groups are available involving the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing for the individual, couple, family, and professional.

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Psychodrama and Sociometry Training Groups are didactic and experiential in teaching the theoretical and practical understanding of the methods of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.  For more info....

Psychodrama Workshops
are an experiential method of psychotherapy that creates scenes for the revealing and releasing of false patterns to allow healing and the unveiling of the authentic self.  For more info…

True Nature Retreats weave Native American traditions with the use of psychodrama as a healing pathway in the journey to wholeness.  The Lakota way brings a sacred space to the healing allowing trust and nurturing to flow.  For more info...

Creating Self Worth Women's Retreat
provides a nurturing environment and support essential for healing and embracing self love and compassion in finding inner contentment.  For more info...

Relationship Building Workshop 
creates healing for a loving intimate relationship deep within the soul through learning the tools to resolve the struggles of intimacy that often seem to consume our energy.  For More Info...

Family Integration Workshop brings the family together providing a safe space for creative revision for their struggles. Each family member is valued while sorting through painful situations where support for everyone’s feelings and viewpoint is a key in healing. For more info…

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